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API platform for developers, created by developers


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Last Round Valuation

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Closing on 9th August


🚀 Postman is the world's leading API development platform

🔥 Used by 25M developers, with a goal to onboard 100M 


📈 In 2022, revenue run rate grew 97.5% to $102.7m ARR


💓 98% of the largest 500 companies in the US are customers


 🇮🇳 Founded in 2014 in India, Postman is now headquartered in the US


💰 Raised $433m from tier-1 VCs like Insight Partners and Coatue, including $225m in 2021

Business Overview





Last valuation

Last share price

San Francisco, US




$17.54 (Aug 2021)

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Company Overview

Postman is an API development environment, used by more than 25 million developers and more than 500,000 organizations worldwide. The company offers a platform for developers or enterprises to build, test, and debug their APIs. Postman claims to enable API-first development, automated testing, and developer onboarding.

Postman makes money via a freemium model (which is increasingly common in the SaaS world), with three paid plans: Team, Business, and Enterprise. All these plans are subscription-based, so the users are charged monthly recurring fees.

Postman was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in San Francisco and has an additional office in Bangalore. Notable investors include Insight Partners, Nexus Venture Partners, and CRV.

a chart showing Postman's valuation

Valuation history

Raised $433m from tier-1 VCs like Insight Partners ($75bn under management), Coatue ($70bn under management), CRV, BOND Ventures, Battery Ventures, and Nexus Venture Partners.

  • November 2015 - $7m at $28m valuation

  • April 2019 - $50m at $360m valuation

  • May 2020 - $150m at $2bn valuation

  • August 2021 - $225m at $5.6bn valuation ($17.54 per share)



a chart showing Postman's revenue

In 2022, revenue run rate grew 97.5% to $102.7m ARR


Postman has a higher growth rate that has been accelerating vs listed comparable (lower growth rate that has been decelerating).

Snowflake (NYSE: SNOW): 25x revenue multiple with 69.4% revenue growth (down from 106.0% in 2021)

Postman: 31x revenue multiple with 97.5% revenue growth (up from 42.0% in 2021)

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Important information

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